Please call us at 800-279-5179 with any booking questions or help with booking.

    Deposits Information

    1 Bedroom Cabin $300/Week $200/Mini Week
    2 Bedroom Cabin $300/Week $200/Mini Week
    3 Bedroom Cabin $400/Week $200/Mini Week
    4 Bedroom Cabin $500/Week $200/Mini Week

    Check, Money order, (MasterCard & Visa +3 1/2%)
    When making a reservation, please either use online booking or mail in your reservation form after clicking the following link to print out our form. Twin Springs Reservation Form PDF


    Refunds of deposit are made provided we receive a min. of 90 days notice and your vacancy is re-filled for that time less a $100 service charge per week (no exceptions). Re-filling your cabin on a part time basis or by transferring existing guests does not meet the requirements of a re-filled vacancy. Unexpected late arrivals & early departures will be billed at full rate as if you were here irregardless of reason. Prepayment, being defined as extra money paid down on your account in addition to your deposit, is transferable but not refundable.