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Two women on a Scrapbooking Retreat In Minnesota.

Plan Your Scrapbooking Retreat In Minnesota

Planning a quilting and scrapbooking retreat is a fantastic way to spend a weekend with friends and family in Minnesota. An important aspect of quilting and scrapbooking retreats is finding a relaxing place and inspiring your creative mind. Twin Springs Resort is in the heart of Minnesota. Surrounded by wonderful nature and features spacious cabins. Here’s how to plan your quilting and scrapbooking retreat in Central Minnesota.  Make sure you
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A close up picture of a man playing a guitar at Events Walker, MN.

Exciting Annual Events In Walker, Hackensack, MN

The best place for you to experience these events is at Twin Springs Resort. Here’s a rundown of the events in Walker and Hackensack, MN.

If you plan to visit Central Minnesota, you should know about some of the exciting and fun annual events happening here. Walker, and Hackensack, MN, have a bunch of beautiful events, and the best place for you to experience these events is by booking a room at Twin Springs Resort. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the annual events in Walker and Hackensack, MN. Walker Bay Live Every Thursday
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A person eating at one of the best Walker, MN, restaurants.

Great Breakfast Restaurants Near Walker And Hackensack, MN

The best way to start your vacation is with a full plate of breakfast food. Suppose you are looking for places to stay and eat in Central Minnesota. In that case, you’ll find great breakfast restaurants near Walker and Hackensack, MN. Many of the best breakfast restaurants are not far from the Twin Springs Resort. Whether you are up at first sunlight or you sleep in and are interested in
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A group of friends enjoying the best Minnesota beers.

The Best Minnesota Beers Near Hackensack, Walker

There are some delicious beers in Minnesota. If you plan a vacation in central Minnesota, you are in luck because some of the best breweries and pubs are scattered across the region. The best place to see it all (and drink it all) is at Twin Springs Resort. Some of the best Minnesota beers are here in central Minnesota. Here are some locations to try the best Minnesota beers. Rendezvous
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Crafting is one of the many things to do in Walker, MN.

Things To Do In Walker, MN: Plan A Crafting Weekend

Walker, MN, and the rest of Central Minnesota is a beautiful place. It’s a fantastic place to find inspiration and get in touch with your creative side, which is why Walker, MN, is one of the best areas in Central Minnesota to plan a crafting weekend. The best place to set up shop is with us at Twin Springs Resort. We think the Resort will offer the perfect place to
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A man on a trail and a snowmobile in MN.

These Are the Best MN Snowmobile Trails, Rentals

Minnesota is a premier destination for snowmobiling. The trails are long and provide some of the most beautiful views in the upper midwest. Many people in Minnesota know this the best, but even Minnesota natives might not know or have snowmobiled on some of the best trails in Central Minnesota. This is why Twin Springs Resort is ideal for exploring Central Minnesota’s wilderness and wildlife. Here’s are some of the
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A man on a Minnesota lake trying to catch a fish.

Find the Best Lake and Catch a Massive Fish in Minnesota

Fishing is a great way to relax, pass the time, or bond with someone special. Central Minnesota has some of the best lakes in the state for doing just that. It’s one of the reasons why Twin Springs Resort in Minnesota is a phenomenal place to get out on a lake and get yourself a fish. For starters, our cabins are set right on Pleasant Lake, and we are nearby
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A man ice fishing on one of the best lakes in Minnesota.

3 Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Central Minnesota

Once winter rolls around, the lakes in Minnesota freeze over. This isn’t anything new, but it opens up an opportunity for many people to enjoy a classic winter activity. That’s ice fishing. Central Minnesota happens to have some of the best ice fishing lakes in the state. You might be able to do it right outside your rental property at Twin Springs Resort. Bring your tackle and gear, and get
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A photo of a burger on a plate at a restaurant in Hackensack, MN.

Here Are the Best Burger Restaurants Near Hackensack, MN

Nothing beats a delicious burger. It’s a classic meal, and it’s something that almost everyone will enjoy. Hackensack, MN is not an outlier here when it comes to burger restaurants. There are some great burger joints in the area. This means that when you stay at the Twin Springs Resort, you will not be far from stomach-filling burgers. Here’s where to find the best burger restaurants near Hackensack, MN. Big
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A woman hiking in Minnesota.

5 State Parks for Hiking and More in Minnesota

5 State Parks for Hiking and More in Minnesota Central Minnesota is a beautiful area for hiking in, no matter the season. You’ll be happy to know that Twin Springs Resort is located in the best place for you to see all of the best scenic vistas the state has to offer. A state forest is one of the best places to observe Minnesota wildlife, forest growth, hiking, and breathing
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